Australian Cyber Corporation - Cyber Security
Australian Cyber Corporation - Cyber Security
Australian Cyber Corporation - Cyber Security
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Australian Cyber Corporation

Who We Are

Headquartered in Sydney, Australian Cyber Corporation, is a leading luminary in the realms of big data, information security, digital transformation, national security, artificial intelligence, and R&D. We architect and implement solutions that navigate complex security challenges on a global scale.

The web as I envisaged it, we have not seen it yet. The future is still so much bigger than the past.

Inventor of the World Wide Web

Utilizing our extensive security acumen and a wide network of global professional contacts in security, defense, and technology sectors, we also curate valuable synergies between organizations and governmental bodies, fostering trusted partnerships for enhanced security.

What We Do

Australian Cyber Corporation masterfully blends big data, AI, infosec & digital transformation strategies to deliver cutting-edge security solutions and fosters synergistic relationships between organizations and governments worldwide.

Our Solutions

Australian Cyber Corporation - AI

Artificial Intelligence

Powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Australian Cyber Corporation brings together NIST’s top rated tech with in-house development capabilities to deliver government & business ready solutions.
Australian Cyber Corporation - National Security Solutions

National Security

As our core strength, our advisory services builds intelligence & cyber defence capabilities for allied state nations, providing AI based OSINT, FININT, SIGINT, AML/KYC, threat intelligence & lawful interception.

Australian Cyber Corporation - Encryption Hardware

Encryption Hardware

Stand-alone, networked, secure communications or wireless encrypted devices, Australian Cyber Corporation is a trusted solution provider for some of the most data sensitive projects in the world.

Australian Cyber Corporation - Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Australian Cyber Corporation is a recognised single source provider for cybersecurity services & solutions for every domain in NIST CSF + compliance in APAC.

Australian Cyber Corporation - Dark Web Intelligence

Dark Web Intelligence

Using human intelligence to gather potential breach data from the dark web, we minimise the exposure and consequences to your organisation and customers.


Australian Cyber Corporation - AML KYC

AML / KYC & Due Diligence

Fight money laundering, terrorist financing and financial crime with an highly effective online portal or API integration to search in millions of verified records.


Australian Cyber Corporation - Blockchain


As pioneers of information technology and cyber security, we understand the technical risks of blockchain & cryptocurrencies like none other. We equip institutions with training, building secure DApps and help expand their investments in digital asset class.

Australian Cyber Corporation - CMS

Document Security

World’s first and powerful SaaS based certificate management & verification system for education institutions, government ministries, certification bodies to fight counterfeiting and improve fraud control. Blockchain enablement coming soon.

Australian Cyber Corporation - BPE

Advanced Brand Protection

Combining blockchain & anti-counterfeit technologies, brand binary’s web based product verification and customer engagement platform offers premium brand protection and regulatory compliance for manufacturers & regulatory agencies.

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Cyber Security

Delivering some of the most complex cyber security strategies to governments and SMLEs.


Portable, Networked or Wireless – We provide one the most secure encryption solutions on earth.

Brand Protection And Engagement

Innovative brand protection solutions digitally integrating with packaging with copy-proof tech.
Australian Cyber Corporation - Encryption