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About Us

At Australian Cyber Corporation, we are more than a cybersecurity company; we are trailblazers in technology and security. As a Sydney-based powerhouse, we specialize in:

Our commitment to excellence, innovation, and trust has placed Australian Cyber Corporation at the forefront of the cybersecurity industry, protecting businesses, high-profile people and governments alike.


Years Of Collective Experience

Decades of cybersecurity expertise.



Offering solutions across multiple nations.

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Industries We Serve

  1. Financial Services: We secure financial transactions and customer data, helping banks, insurance firms, and financial institutions comply with industry regulations and protect against cyber threats.

  2. Healthcare: We safeguard sensitive patient data and healthcare systems from cyber threats, helping providers comply with stringent industry regulations like HIPAA.

  3. Retail: We protect consumer data and payment systems, helping retailers deliver a secure shopping experience across digital channels.

  4. Telecommunications: We secure network infrastructures, protect customer data, and help telecommunication companies manage cybersecurity risks.

  5. Government: We provide national security solutions, ensuring the safety and integrity of public data and infrastructure.

  6. Manufacturing: We secure industrial control systems, safeguard intellectual property, and help manufacturers protect their supply chains against cyber threats.

  7. Entertainment: We offer specialized security services for VIPs and celebrities, ensuring their privacy and data security.

  8. Technology: We help software, hardware, and internet companies secure their products, platforms, and user data against evolving cyber threats.

  9. Energy and Utilities: We secure critical infrastructure, protect sensitive data, and assist energy and utility companies in managing cybersecurity risks.

  10. Education: We help educational institutions safeguard student data, research, and network infrastructure from cyber threats.

  11. VIPs and High-Profile Individuals: We provide specialized cybersecurity consulting, ensuring utmost privacy and security for celebrities, executives, and high-profile individuals, emphasizing discretion and tailored protection.