Advanced-Data Leakage Protection

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Australian Cyber Cooperation provides state of the art data leakage protection to hundreds of organizations and medium enterprises in Australia. We perform advanced data leakage operations through clustering and classification of file patterns extracted from large metadata sets. Our multi-layer security controls perform data leakage protection through:


Advanced Protection

ACC provides advanced protection against attacks.


Visualize Activities

ACC also visualize activities of attacker for protection


What We Do

Data leakage mainly occurs via the web, email, and mobile applications. Our Data loss Prevention techniques counter data leakage by ensuring employees do not send sensitive information beyond the corporate network perimeter. We implement modern identity management and authentication to cooperate systems as an essential measure of preventing data leakage through:

Our advanced DLP technology has powerful and easy to use devices, including:

The data travel auditor has an interactive visualization that enables exfiltration and report sharing. It allows fast data uploads through security compliance and detailed deep security in minutes. We check the real-time operation of compliance standards and actionable exfiltration using data travel recorders. Our DLP experts configure central security consoles to perform actionable intelligence and alerts to prevent ransomware attacks.

Leakage Data

Our Agenda For Work

Our data travel enforcer provides risk-adaptive data protection by limiting data travel and server communication within the corporate network. No data is allowed to travel inside or outside the defined sphere of trust. We design multiple cybersecurity controls that guarantee data safety from high-risk exposure through:

  • Identifying and categorizing critical data
  • Real-time monitoring of network traffic
  • Encrypting sensitive and confidential information
  • Implementing endpoint security

Australian Cyber Protection has the right tools and patented technology to stop data leakage. Kindly engage us; we are game-changers in detecting and eradicating server infiltration.