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Authentific Brief

World`s first certification management & verification system

Authentific is world’s first & secure cloud based Certificate Management System designed for educational institutions, training departments, certification bodies and government department who issue certificates, title deeds & more.


Certification Management

ACC brand also provide first certification method.


Verification System

ACC brand provides you first verification system


Software Information

Authentific’s scalable, cloud based or client hosted system provides total transparency (i.e. corrupt free) and audit log of full certificate issuance process & data management.



Brand Binary enables direct engagement with customers of brand owners or government departments to better understand their customers, their needs in exchange for information that is of value to them or by digitally created incentive programmes – all on Brand Binary’s web based platform.

  • Government Pharmaceutical Regulatory Departments
  • Track & Trace
  • Restaurants & Food Deliveries & Retail Outlets
  • e-Commerce Stores & Product Manufacturers
  • Advertising & PR Agencies & Commercial Packaging Printers
  • Event & Exhibition Organisers
  • Sweepstakes & Raffle Draws
  • Whatsapp  & SMS Marketing