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We articulate complex concepts of Blockchain, DApps, DeFi, cryptocurrencies, wallets & cyber security risks to many financial institutions and tech startups in Australia and beyond, helping them expand their investments in digital asset class securely.

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Australian Cyber Corporation Blockchain Training


Haroon has been pivotal in expanding our understanding of the blockchain technology and the investment opportunities that it opens up for us. We continue to seek his expertise through private consults and workshops with our institutional clients.
Max Riaz
Investment Director, Banyantree, Sydney
Truly enjoyed the webinar session. Phenomenal speakers! Excited about using the free security tools that were recommended! Thank you so much!
Asadullah Salim
Manager eLearning Hamdan Bin Mohammed University, Dubai


We’ll trace the path of Blockchain science, its breakthroughs and the emergence of alternative currencies that challenge the way we think about money and the rise of smart contracts, to the current proliferation of cryptocurrencies, enterprise networks, and decentralised applications (DApps) throughout this in class workshop in Sydney. At the end of the workshop, you will walk away with the confidence to not just buy, sell, trade and HODL (Hold On To Dear Life) cryptocurrencies in the most secure manner but also have a deeper understanding of Australia laws, taxation and investment opportunities (via our Partners) in addition to realising the true potential of Blockchain to build your next big DApp. Workshops can also be arranged anywhere in Australia. Please get in touch.


Full Day (8 Hours)


AU$ 5,500 (Sydney & Canberra Only)

  • Overview for Individuals
  • Overview for Businesses
  • Legal Risks
  • What is Blockchain & How does it work.
  • Real life Blockchain applications.
  • Explain the technology that makes cryptocurrency possible.
  • What are Cryptocurrencies.
  • Types of Cryptocurrencies & Blockchains.
  • How does the trade happen on Blockchain.
  • Security & Volatility Risks
    Overview on Smart Contracts.
  • Use cases of Smart Contracts.
  • Overview of Wallets – Private & Public Keys.
  • Introduction to DeFi.
  • FAQs
  • Registering in a reputable cryptocurrency exchange.
  • Purchasing your first crypto.
  • Selling your first crypto.
  • How to verify/check transactions on blockchain.
  • Get FREE AU$25 worth BTC in your wallet.
  • Basic Cyber Security awareness when dealing with Crypto.
  • Smarter & secure password management.
  • Methods of safeguarding your crypto investments.
  • What is a Will and what it looks like.
  • Digital Assets in a Will – Best practices in compliance with Australian Law. (By a reputable Australian Lawyer).
  • Stock to Flow Ratio.
  • Minimum Investment Amount & Custody.
  • How to Invest using an approved Financial Advisor.
  • How we can assist technically to better manage your investments.
  • Financial risks & returns.
  • Taxation – ATO rules on crypto assets.
  • CGT & declaration best practices.
  • Understanding of how Blockchain works and future advancements to expect.
  • Understanding of how the Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain implementations operate from the inside out.
  • Understanding of how to buy/sell and secure cryptocurrency investments.
  • Know what smart contracts are and how to think about smart contract applications (DApps).
  • Get your FREE AU$ 25 worth Bitcoin.
Australian Cyber Corporation Training Sessions



Two Hours – In Class (Sydney Only)

Scaled down version of our workshops without the hands-on cryptocurrency buy/sell/exchange demonstrations. At the end of the seminar, you will gain a clear understanding of cryptocurrencies, securing them at both institutional & individual level, Australia laws, taxation overview and investment opportunities (via our Partners). Bespoke seminars can only be held in Sydney, Australia can be arranged for institutions on request. Please get in touch using the form below.



60 to 90 Minutes – 100% Online

100% – Brief and crisp. Without the hands-on cryptocurrency buy/sell/exchange demonstrations but your questions will be answered, gain a clear understanding of cryptocurrencies, securing them at both institutional & individual level, Australia laws, taxation overview and investment opportunities (via our Partners). Webinars are all online and bespoke sessions can be arranged for institutions anywhere in the world. Please also follow this page for future Webinar dates. Please get in touch using the form below.

Our Partners

We partner with renowned subject matter experts in legal and investment space in Australia to deliver comprehensive training sessions covering the following areas:
  • Technical
  • Local Laws & Legal Obligations
  • Digital Asset Class Investment Advisory

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Australian Cyber Corporation

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Suite 1802, Level 18, 109 Pitt St,
Sydney CBD, Sydney 2000,

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