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Australian Cyber Cooperation is among the world’s most trusted and effective platforms for cybersecurity training. Our courses are well-tailored by our cyber experts and professional consultants from various fields, including:

Our training is conducted by real-world practitioners who are determined to ensure you not only learn but are capable of applying the techniques in real-life experience. Our delivery methods are user-friendly and suited to accommodate everyone, including interns, junior staff, senior employees, and C-Level executives through:


For Employees

ACC also provides training for employees.


For C-level

ACC also provides training for C-level Executives.

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What We Do

Cybersecurity training and awareness are among the key components that guarantee and align with our world’s policy free from cyber-crimes. Organizations with security-aware employees tend to be better positioned to counter cyber threats. We also share knowledge and resources through conducting regular free training through:

C-Levels including directors, executives, and managers are continuously exposed to cyber-attacks because they are high profile individuals with sensitive data and information. To bridge the gap created by cybercriminals, our staff approach the issues from frontline ends. Our training goes beyond awareness through equipping C-levels with virtual simulations that focus on interactive security behavior to curb potential insider threats.

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Our Agenda For Work

Our dedicated professionals and mentors provide certifications and training that complies with industry requirements. Our security training and awareness program covers:

  • Emails scams
  • Malware analysis
  • Safe internet habits
  • Social Networking Dangers
  • Physical Security and Environmental Controls
  • Clean desk policy
  • Bring Your Device Policy (BYOD)
  • Governance, compliance, and auditing
  • Professional development

Australian Cyber Cooperation provides top-level Cybersecurity training, awareness, certifications, and career guidance that’s quality assured and complies with international cybersecurity standards.