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Compliance is a regulation standard derived by authorized bodies to ensure that corporates operating in the industry adhere to laws that guarantee safety threats. At Australian Cyber Cooperation, we assess corporate organizations’ security posture and provide them with a checklist and security strategy that adheres to compliance terms of service. Our Audit services are recognized internationally and comply with Quality assurance standards. We have commendable testimonials from many clients who have reached out for compliance & audit services.

Scope and time are our two driving factors in ensuring corporate organizations are safe from potential cyber threats. Our compliance and audit services include:



ACC also provides compliance services.



ACC also provides audit services

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ISO 27001 is an international standard used to manage information security systems. We evaluate and crosscheck if corporate systems comply and meet the requirements of this framework. Our experts perform risk management, a key component of ISO 27001, corporate systems to manage data and information according to the set standards globally. We implement legal, physical, and technical controls that cover:

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PCI-DSS is a control that sets protocols that guide credit card schemes. We design PCI-DSS policies and implement technical controls for corporate organizations. Our services maintain branded credit cards and evolve with current validation compliance levels. Our compliance services include:

  • Analyzing corporate compliance levels
  • Providing data tokenization services
  • Tracking human access to hardware
  • Guarding against internet-based intrusions
  • Preventing software developers from altering systems without management oversight

GDPR IRAP is an EU legislation that protects personal data. We outline GDPR privacy and information security requirements for corporate organizations. Our experts implement technical and organizational controls for corporate organizations to protect personal data against unauthorized access, unlawful processing, and destruction.
CPS 234 is a standard implemented by the Australian Prudential Regulatory Authority to protect corporate organizations from financial threats. We provide insurance companies with IT services that support this prudential framework by installing automated systems that monitor and oversee financial systems to ensure they are resilient to cyber-attacks.