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Australian Cyber Corporation navigates your journey to cybersecurity compliance with an expert-led, hands-on approach. From implementation to routine internal audits, we ensure you not only meet but exceed industry standards, paving your way to successful external audits and certifications.




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Why be compliant?

ybersecurity compliance is pivotal for any organization. It ensures adherence to industry standards, providing a framework for effective security practices that protect sensitive data. Compliance mitigates potential risks, ensuring uninterrupted business operations. Moreover, it safeguards an organization’s reputation, boosting customer trust and loyalty. For example, Bank of America adheres strictly to compliance standards like SOX, GLBA, and GDPR. These robust compliance measures have aided in maintaining their strong security stature and reputation amidst numerous cyber threats.

Why Cyber Security Compliance is Important:

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How do we do this?

At Australian Cyber Corporation, we adopt a comprehensive, client-centric approach to help you navigate the complexities of cybersecurity compliance. We initiate the process by understanding your unique compliance needs, systems, and business model. Leveraging our expertise, we devise an bi-annual or annual implementation plan, on a single fee or retainer basis, tailored to suit your specific requirements, ensuring adherence to the pertinent industry and regulatory standards.

Our compliance service encompasses:

  1. Assessment: Analyzing your current compliance status.
  2. Implementation: Integrating necessary measures to meet compliance standards.
  3. Internal Auditing: Conducting regular reviews to maintain compliance.
  4. External Audit Support: Assisting your team through external certification audits.
  5. Continuous Monitoring: Using automated tools to efficiently monitor compliance and report anomalies.

We strategically employ automated and ‘battle-tested’ SaaS tools to streamline compliance preparation and ongoing monitoring. This fusion of expert knowledge and cutting-edge technology ensures an efficient, seamless compliance journey, leading to successful audit certifications and robust cybersecurity.