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Cybersecurity is the backbone of information systems and computer networks globally.At Australian Cyber Cooperation, we have provided Turnkey solutionsto enterprise organizations, private institutions, and government agencies for an extended period by designing Incident Response Plans (IRPs) to effectively perform risk analysis and threat management.Our quality of service has gone a long way in ensuring the total safety of information security systems owned by multiple agencies from experiencing potential data breaches.

Through our cybersecurity experts, we have been able to assess, prepare and implement IRPs to well-established firms and enterprise organizations within our reach. Our cyber preparation techniquesinvolve getting corporate organizations ready to handle potential risks should there be any attack by defining security policies, including:

We conduct Identity management for our clients by designing cybersecurity systems to identify vulnerabilities and loopholes in the corporate system, analyze them, and lay down protocols on how to seal them before they become vulnerable. This package consists of software that protects your digital identity from potential cyber-attacks and threats by gathering detailed system-generated reports that rate risks and alert users if they pose security threats.


Network Forensic

ACC also provides network forensic.



ACC also provides system testing services.

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Approach We Use

Our detection and response techniques greatly depend on a two-pronged approach. We perform threat detection through:

Our Incident response is well-drafted and organized to manage and address security breaches faster and effectively within a timeframe that guarantees our clients continuation of business processes within a short recovery time at a reduced cost. We conduct Incident response through:

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Our Agenda For Work

After containing and eradicating a breach, our experts conduct a post-evaluation and assessment of the systems to generate a detailed investigation report by forensic experts. We conduct also perform system recovery and protection through:

  • Deploying incident management roles to the staff members.
  •  Developing a crisis management strategy.
  •  Developing a Business Continuity Plan.
  •  Creating alternative business channels and workstations in case of downtime.
  •  Installation of anti-virus and firewalls in corporate systems.
  •  Deploying multi-factor authentication and intrusion detection systems.
  • Regular update of corporate software and security patches.

For any cyber security concerns, kindly contact for our services; we Identity, Protect, Detect, Respond & Recover.