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Australian Cyber Cooperation can leverage data for organizations exposed to cyber threats by executing immediate security actions by conducting detailed risk intelligence. Sharing sensitive data across multiple organizations is part of our daily routine; however, it exposes enterprise organizations to many cyber risks.
Dark web sites are rich sources of intelligence with a broad scope of potential targets. We have designed links from sites on the dark web and other potential threat sources through natural language processing and machine learning.



ACC also provides AMC services.



ACC also provides KYC services.

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What We Do

Using this technique, we can identify, profile and mitigate risks for corporate organizations. With Australian Cyber Cooperation, you can closely monitor leakage of corporate emails, customer PII & credit card information, domains, addresses & more to mitigate risks for your organisation and your customers.

We aim to mitigate risks and eliminate through:

Australian Cyber Cooperation guarantees:

Our experts have vast skills and knowledge with backgrounds in law enforcement and monitoring of internet criminal activities. Their dark web intelligence experience is an added advantage to our cyber cooperation and organizations that subscribe to our services.


Our Agenda For Work

Australian Cyber Cooperation provides relevant intelligence in real-time by uncovering new and emerging exploits pertinent to your technology traded in dark web marketplaces. We expand your visibility on the dark web by collecting relevant content from thousands of channels, forums and paste sites.
We use Natural Language Processing to collect, translate and structure information from dark web sources in real-time hence relevant intelligence is always available. Our dark web intelligence services will protect your enterprise organization by:

  • Network visibility
  • Increased Cyber resiliency
  • Safe business process continuity
  • Automated industrial processes
  • System security intelligence