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Digital Forensics experts at the Australian Cyber Cooperation have helped many organizations navigate through challenging periods of cyber-attack and are always ready to assist you. Our investigation is quality assured and a significant step towards the closure of a cyber incident. We visualize the attacks and provide a detailed report that displays information about:

Our main goal is to identify, collect, preserve and analyze computer artifacts, digital data, and information obtained around a cyber-attack. We explore your networks and computer systems to extract useful information such as:



ACC also provides forensic services.



ACC also provides digital investigation services.


What We Do

Digital evidence is volatile and should be handled with utmost care to prevent it from being altered. Our team of experts is experienced and performs digital forensics based on the order of volatility, from most to least volatile, to collect evidence that can stand a legal case. We consider volatile data from:


Our Agenda For Work

Our crime scenes are not limited to digital devices’ physical location but instead spans multiple systems and servers to track the attack paths and gather detailed evidence. Digital evidence is crucial because it gives further insight required to make data breach disclosure solutions when normal operations resume after containing the security incident.

We document court-ready reports and present them on behalf of our clients through our experienced investigators and cyber witnesses as per breach notification laws. Our post-incident measures include patching of identified cybersecurity loopholes and vulnerabilities with the aim of:

  • Curbing malware risks
  • Protecting sensitive data and information
  • Reducing the potential of experiencing similar cyber-attacks soon