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Encrypted External SSD Brief

Securing data on the Go- Enterprise or stand alone

With huge advancements in technology and inter-connectivity, today’s workforce can work anytime, anywhere. At the same time, this double-edged sword exposes the mobile workforce to cyber attacks and data compromise arising from a lack of security infrastructure in place for on-the-move computing.

In this digital age, data is one of the most crucial assets of enterprises, governments and societies. Data compromise due to theft, loss or repair of storage devices poses serious threats to both organisations and individuals, causing catastrophic operational, reputational and financial damage. Now more than ever is the time for ensuring data-at-rest security for enterprises, governments and individuals.


Product Information

ACC brand also provide product information.



ACC brand provide a list of applications.


Product Information

Designed with the highest security standards, DiskCrypt enables organisations, government agencies and critical infrastructures to protect data with absolute confidence. Coupled with it’s ultra-slim profile and credit card size, DiskCrypt offers unrivalled mobility and style to the modern workforce that values convenience as much as looks.

Encrypted Drive Applications



  • Government Departments
  • e-Commerce Stores
  • Banks
  • Military
  • Political Leadership
  • C-Level Executives
  • Embassies & Foreign Missions
  • Law Firms
  • Data Sensitive Enterprises