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Australian Cyber Cooperation is a giant technology leader in providing intelligent facial recognition solutions. Our facial recognition systems are AI-powered to increase physical security systems’ effectiveness in delivering outcomes and improving safety. We empower systems to proactively respond to events through our high-quality algorithms that support:


Access Control

ACC also provides access control services.



ACC also provides surveillance services.

Leakage Data

What We Do

We have been developing facial biometrics algorithms that rank among the best globally in accuracy and speeds. Our proprietary facial recognition:

Our facial recognition modules can be tailored and configured to fit your needs and easily access databases through Application Programmable Interfaces (APIs), real-time information, and live notifications. Through innovation, we have pioneered new techniques that have created a new standard able to analyze data from crowded and complex environments using:


Our Agenda For Work

Australian Cyber Cooperation is the only facial recognition service provider to analyze big data through behavior analysis and recognition. Our systems have unique features such as smell and sound analytics to aid in facial recognition by assessing crowded and complex environments.
Our artificial intelligence-based autonomous system is capable of:

  • Identifying and reports incidents to the nearest responders
  • Minimizing false alarms to enable independent operations
  • Performing self-diagnosis and system health check function

Our computer vision module is capable of:

  • Performing face recognition at low resolutions
  • Ensuring privacy is protected
  • Performing behavior analytics despite obscuration

The data analytics module can:

  • Generate information in real-time and forensic mode
  • Analyze dwell time across non-overlapping camera views
  • Analyze video, smell, and sounds
  • Convert raw data into meaningful Multi-Media Metadata for big data analytics