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Fund Flow Analytics Brief

Identity suspicious or fraudulent transactions -flat currency or cryptocurrency


Fund flow analytics is the means by which cash flows and money transfers can be tracked globally from financial institution to institution. Never before has a greater level of transparency been available to help detect suspicious or fraudulent transaction. Not only does analysis allow for detection, it also provides law enforcement with the ability to quickly freeze accounts and as such prevent fraudulent transactions. In some instances it can be difficult to identify suspicious transactions with fraudsters cleverly avoiding alert triggers. However, with the assistance of fund flow analysis tools, the ability to identify patterns of suspicious transactions is heightened and so to is the chance of preventing fraud.



ACC brand monitor Oceans of financial data to actionable intelligence


Suspicious Transaction

ACC brand also Identify suspicious or fraudulent transactions



This solution helps the analyst to collect open source posts, comments and other communications pertaining to government policy, plans and operations and
analyze the data for sentiments in order to have a thorough understanding of the public opinion regarding their policies and plans.

The system also allows the users to run a sentiment analysis over a historical issue, in order to observe whether there has been any change in public opinion over the course of time also drawing the attention of analysts to trending discussions and stand out individuals who are successfully influencing and leading
discussions. It helps them to profile and monitor such identities so that they can understand the opinions and demands of masses and the reasons behind them.


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