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Australian Cyber Cooperation guarantees a safer world through unravelling and stopping hidden threats. We have designed our gun detection hardware and software system to save lives solely. We offer a wide range of services, including:

Our Thermal Elevated Temperature Detection system is non-invasive and generates accurate screening results within a distance of up to 2 meters. It performs temperature screening and fever detection using thermal imaging camera systems and non-contact infrared thermometers to detect elevated temperatures. The designs are configured with alarms to alert and give updates on-site to the respective authorities. It’s swift and does not cause any operational delays due to real-time screening.


Biggest Security

ACC  identifies the pain points of organisation and provide solutions with biggest security.


Digital Goals

ACC also work with world`s best innovators to provides organisation with their digital goals.


What We Do

As corporate, commercial, and industrial companies turn towards people counters as a cost-effective solution to meet their business needs, Australian cyber cooperation is ready to provide these services to optimize customer traffic and reduce expenses. Our sensors are well suited to meet clients’ needs and come in three major packages:

Our optical counters use laser technology to illuminate objects and people as they pass through the respective entrance and exit points. The light scattered by laser beams is automatically detected and counted by our photodetectors and system counters, respectively. The Wi-Fi counters use WI-FI probe request signals from customer personal digital assistance devices. Internet routers acquire these signals and triangulate the position of the device based on signal strength. Infra-red counters use horizontal infrared beams to count as the circuit is broken when people pass the counter.

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Product And Services

Currently, our visual gun detection system is the only one in the market with the capability of detecting dual threats by identifying; temperatures potentially related to covid 19, visible and concealed guns. Australian Cyber Cooperation’s gun detector system is AI-powered and can automatically detect guns 2 meters apart and report to the specific authorities using thermal cameras. We also use video surveillance to reliably and rapidly recognize firearms within premises through concealed weapon and contraband imaging detection system.

Our products and services include:

  • Engineered visual cameras and computers
  • Proactive alerts and user management
  • Turnkey hardware and enterprise software solutions
  • Dual gun and temperature detection