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Intelligence Analytics & Big Data Brief

Finding a needle in a needle stack.

The rise of the internet and global digitalisation has brought with it a mammoth data dump. This data dump is as valuable as it is expansive, yet its value can only be unlocked through effective tools of analysis. Intelligence analytics provides the key to utilising data. Trawling through the data of online platforms requires sophisticated synthesising software with an ability to quickly identify information relevant to the parameters of the investigation. Relevant data can then be custom filtered to provide enhanced insights pertinent to the fields of search.

The reward in intelligence analytics stretches beyond the surface insights it uncovers. The technology also provides users with the ability to identify linkages and relationships amongst the data it brings to the fore. Arguably, this ability to formulate linkages is where the true value in intelligence analytics lies. Never before have tools of synthesising and drawing connections for large data pools been so efficient and simple to use. Simply put, intelligence analytics is the answer to data synthesising and the revelation of key insights. 


Intelligence Analytics

ACC brand provides services to overcome threats.



ACC brand provides services to overcome threats.


Open Source Information

Our AI based solution accesses and analyzes open source information by extracting, curating and correlating data from publicly available sources like media houses, web communities, social- networking sites, wikis and blogs, reports, documents, speeches & presentations, giving the investigator a 360 degree visualization of the entire situation.



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