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Lawful Interception Solutions Brief

Interception, Recording, Monitoring & Analytics

With the advancement in communications technology, criminals are getting increasingly sophisticated in planning & executing crimes. Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) need to be enabled in tackling crime by partnering with telecom and other communication service providers.


Interception & Recording

ACC brands provides lawful interception & recording


Monitoring & Analytics

ACC brand also provide monitoring & analytics


Product Information

Our fully compliant Lawful Interception System can intercept, record and pass communication data, call data, CRI/IRI of target’s circuit or packet switched traffic to Lawful Interception Monitoring System (LIM) in real-time in ETSI/3GPP format over secure encrypted network.

This system is built with a modular architecture enabling integration with other technologies.




  • Provisioning System
  • IRI Mediation System
  • CC Mediation System
  • Intercepted Traffic Repository