Penetration Testing Services

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Security testing is a very crucial component in cyber security maturity. We have been conducting pen tests for many clients’  through our OSCP Certified testers. The testing process is intended to identify threats and the risks in our clients’ infrastructure.

Three types of testing we perform:


Red and Blue Teaming

Exercises & Executive Reporting


Critical Infrastructure



Reason for testing

We conduct regular testing for the following key reasons:

We have uncovered design errors, configuration errors, and software bugs that could interrupt many organizations’ business processes through penetration testing. Our cybersecurity experts consist of red, blue, and purple teams with different roles and skills proven to be successful for a long time.


Our Agenda For Work

Our Red teaming services are scenario-driven to harden systems and applications for clients by compromising implemented defenses through physical intrusion to gather critical information for assessment by the blue teams. This technique is used to attack and identify vulnerabilities within the client’s system. Our Blue penetration testing defends clients’ systems by sealing possible loopholes for stealing data, sabotage systems, or perform industrial espionage for business competitor. This technique is used to detect penetration attempts and prevent exploitation.

We consider our client’s budgets and priorities at all costs before implementing any system testing techniques as a measure of supporting business continuity. We integrate the red and blue teams into a single unit for clients working with a minimal budget. This technique to offer a more dynamic cybersecurity approach at an affordable price.