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Public Opinion Monitoring Brief

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The ability to analyse the views of the masses is an invaluable resource. In the era of the internet, the power to gauge public opinion, through the penetration of social media platforms, has had a pivotal political impact. The human race is a species that is motivated by want. And it is these wants – even the most disguised – that public opinion monitoring technology seeks to bring to light. Uncovering the opinions of the populace helps governments and businesses better understand their constituents and consumers respectively. Through this better understanding, governments and businesses are armed with the necessary artillery to more efficiently allocate resources and ultimately make better decisions.

By gathering information through various online sources, such as social media, news websites, blogs and forums, public opinion monitoring technology can track the sentiment of the masses and how these change and evolve over time. This tool gives those who utilise it a leg up in better understanding the people they are seeking to appeal to. Never before has the environment existed whereby the opinions of the population have been so clearly on display. As such it those with public opinion monitoring technology that have a distinct advantage. 


Improve Lives

ACC brand monitor public opinion to improve lives


Impact Analysis

ACC brand also monitor impact analysis



This solution helps the analyst to collect open source posts, comments and other communications pertaining to government policy, plans and operations and
analyze the data for sentiments in order to have a thorough understanding of the public opinion regarding their policies and plans.

The system also allows the users to run a sentiment analysis over a historical issue, in order to observe whether there has been any change in public opinion over the course of time also drawing the attention of analysts to trending discussions and stand out individuals who are successfully influencing and leading
discussions. It helps them to profile and monitor such identities so that they can understand the opinions and demands of masses and the reasons behind them.


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