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he Australian Cyber Cooperation Ltd has provided cybersecurity solutions to operation plants and industries with critical system infrastructure for an extended period now. We offer specialized protection for industrial control systems by defending the availability, reliability, and safety of plant operations.
Over the years, we have displayed our expertise by strengthening the cybersecurity of various computer-controlled systems in industries across Australia. Our cybersecurity services cover a broad scope of industries including:



ACC also provides SACADA security.


Industrial System

ACC also provides industrial system cyber security.


What We Do

Our cybersecurity experts’ discoveries and innovations support the rapidly evolving industrial control systems. The ICS services include:

We have designed threat management and vulnerability management systems for many industry partners to provide threat intelligence and insight into organizations’ loopholes, vulnerabilities, and attack surfaces on their operational computer systems.


Our Agenda For Work

Our stepwise approach in designing networks and performing network assessments has minimized potential cyber intrusions into industrial systems through defending complex networks with powerful software. We provide specialized protection by installing industrial firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and multi-factor authentication to prevent insider threats and exploitation from external third-party entities.

Why chose Australian Cyber Cooperation? Our Industrial Control Systems come along with lots of benefits, including:

  • Network visibility
  • Increased Cyber resiliency
  • Safe business process continuity
  • Automated industrial processes
  • System security intelligence

Our dedicated cybersecurity team has exceptional expertise in:

  • Performing End-Point protection
  • Designing networks
  • Setting up data centers
  • Cloud computing
  • System device control
  • Machine learn antimalware

We provide quality products and services to our customers; kindly explore more ICS security solutions with the Australian Cyber Cooperation.