Trusted Workspace Solution


Trusted Workspace Solution Brief

Perform seamless network isolation & mitigate insider & ransomware threat

As the millennial workforce grows ever more demanding of agile work environments the pressure on business to provide employees with the ability to utilise trusted workspaces remotely continues to build. In essence, a trusted workspace provides the user with the ability to secure their virtual workspace. Furthermore, it provides businesses with the assurance that data stored or shared on devices forming part of the workspace is not susceptible to breach.

With the introduction of strict data breach notification laws in early 2018, businesses can no longer afford to adopt a laissez faire approach when it comes to their use of encryption hardware. Second-rate protection systems simply do not stack up given that the consequences for leaving your data vulnerable can be far reaching and punitive to the point that operational viability may be questioned post a data breach.

Failing to invested in trusted workspace technology is analogous to leaving your car unlocked at the shopping centre. It’s easy to cross one’s fingers and hope that a cyber attack will not befall your business, but the harsh reality is that data security is an imperative investment. Although encryption technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the past few years so has the sophistication of hackers and those seeking to compromise data. As such, trusted workspaces and the encrypted solutions that they offer are a crucial piece of infrastructure for businesses. 


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Black Computer – Product Information

The Black Computer provides security at your convenience for both users and organisations. It has a dual operating system and network that allows users to operate in both trusted (intranet) and untrusted (internet) environment securely without compromising productivity.

Encrypted Drive Applications



  • Government Departments
  • e-Commerce Stores
  • Banks
  • Military
  • Political Leadership
  • C-Level Executives
  • Embassies & Foreign Missions
  • Law Firms
  • Data Sensitive Enterprises